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Debt Settlement

Our negotiations team has over 10 years of experience in the debt settlement industry. We have the contacts, the reputation and the know-how to settle your credit card accounts and medical debt for pennies on the dollar.

The way it works is simple. While you are current on your credit cards your creditors are happily raking in thousands of dollars in principle and interest. You can see it for yourself right on your credit card statement. Federal law requires that your credit card billing statement show plainly how long it will take you to pay them back and how much you will end up spending. Someone who owes as little as 5,000.00, even with a reasonable interest rate, can end up taking 17 years and over $8,400.00 to pay it back.

When you stop making regular on-time payments and allow your accounts to go into collections then they become eligible for settlements. This is simply a normal phase in the debt collection process.

This is where our professional team of negotiators will use their contacts at major banks and collection agencies and their knowledge of the industry to negotiate and settle your accounts. While in collections your balances will continue to accrue interest and fees however, when we strike a deal to settle your account they accept less than the full balance and report your account as paid in full.

This is important because it will be reported to the credit bureaus that it was settled and paid in full. Unlike a credit counseling program that will keep your account tied up for years with a negative status or a bankruptcy that destroys your credit, once we have settled your accounts you can work on rebuilding your credit.

What We Can Do

Let our team of professional negotiators show you what we can do. Typically we will settle your first account about six months after enrollment.

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